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What People are Saying…

I purchased the Kwickan to help with spring cleanup. It's worked really well for that and I've used in a few other places I never intended.” * It's just incredibly handy. The Kwickan is simple, sturdy, and goes back to flat when not in use for easy storage. I hang mine on a nail on the wall of my garage.

It protects your bags from puncture by sticks, etc. Since it lines the inside of the bag, it protects about two-thirds of the exterior from damage while filling. This also lets you compress more to improve bag fill.

I've used it inside the house a lot more than I expected. So it's helped with several cleanup projects, getting clothes donations bagged up, and again to bag up all the packing paper after our move.

I just used the portable instant container and LOVED it. I was able to sweep up my grass clippings and put them in the bag without struggling to keep the bag open. It goes in the bag and makes the bag stand up like it was in a can. I took it out when I was done without any mess or trouble. It is the coolest thing I have seen and used in a long time. I actually bought it for my husband for father's day but was the first to be able to use it.

‘This ridiculously simple tool makes raking and bagging a breeze. When the bag is full, it is so easy to slip the bag holder out and tie the bag. No muscle power needed until lifting the bag! Many folks must have figured this out because no store around here had any in stock when I needed to replace my 10 year old one. “